Mike Murray

Mike on PT-TV, the Studio Concert series, produced by Jonathan Stratman.

Mike Murray plays banjo, guitar, and sings. He's a retired software developer. Folkies never seem to restrict themselves to one band, and he's no exception. He's also a member of The Smelter Rats, Idyll Hands and Brownsville Road

Mike grew up on a farm/ranch in Eastern Montana, fifteen miles from Froid (population: under 200) and can remember when "they didn't have electricity." Or phones. Or TV. Or indoor plumbing. Here he is in 1945 with his Uncle Alfred (see Down by the Barber Pole) Murray.

2004 Folklife, Key Arena Steps

Left, Mike with Simon Frishkoff, backstage at the
Alaska Folk Festival with The Smelter Rats

He also plays tournament chess.

Mike lives Port Townsend.

Contact Mike or telephone 360-379-3535